Data analysis of your floor plans

The Convaron floor plan analysis automatically extracts architectural information out of your floor plans

With Convaron's floor plan analysis you will experience real efficiency through artificial intelligence. Within a few minutes, our algorithms recognize the architectural information recorded in your floor plans and evaluate them for you.

On our platform, we display this data in a structured way, so that you can manage your real estate portfolio even more efficiently needing fewer resources.

The algorithm behind the Convaron analysis is based on artificial intelligence and automatically extracts and analyzes architectural information from any given floor plan.

Extracted data includes:
• the number of doors, windows, rooms, furniture
• Size and type of the rooms (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
• Size of individual construction features such as windows and doors

The analysis gives you an improved planning ability regarding the operating costs, maintenance, renovation, modernization, extensions and new constructions.
You can make decisions based on fully transparent and accurate data sets of your real estate.


For the analysis, we only need a scan of your floor plans or blueprints. If they are only available in paper form, we can provide you with our in-house service ReproScan.
Our consulting team is looking forward to supporting you individually with your project and offer you individual solutions for your needs.

Maximum data transparency for your real estate portfolio at the touch of a button

Better plannability and cost savings of your operating costs for renovations, modernizations, maintenance, extension and new construction projects. In renovation phases, up to 13 percent of the planned costs can be retained through the automated creation of DXF files and area measurements.

The advantages of the floor plan analysis:

Valuable information from your floor plans

Number and type of rooms, windows and doors in an object

Size of the elements like doors and windows

Dimensions of individual


Dimensions of useable areas

Easy access to your floor plan data

The analyzed data is displayed in a structured way on our customer portal

Various export options of the floor plan and the data

Online service accessible at any time and place

API interfaces for individual data integration into your system (e.g. SAP)

Technique and safety at the highest level

Stored on German servers, encryption via SSL

Scalable solutions for any order volume

Innovative deep learning algorithm


How high will the

heating costs be in building X next year?

Comprehensive cost planning enabled by precise conclusions based on the exact number of square meters, exterior walls, and windows of an apartment.

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Joachim Anderson Rau

Head of Sales & Business Development

Matthias Renneke

Project & product management