From paper to a digital a document management

"Too much paper!" - Today, scanned and ordered documents are regarded as the industry standard and yet many real estate portfolios are handed over


Login and registration

How do I create an account?

I have lost my login data, what are the steps to get them back?

Can I add additional users to my account?


Is my payment via the portal secure?

What are the payment methods?

When do I start paying for my order?



Wenn ich mit meinem Video nicht zufrieden bin, kann ich es dann reklamieren?


General questions about editing the floor plans

How many floor plans can I upload?

Which file formats does the Convaron portal support?

I only have my floor plans on paper. How can I get 360° videos of them?


360° videos

Can I furnish my floor plan?

Which architectural elements cannot be digitized?

Can I choose what is shown out of the windows? 

In what form do I get my 360° video?

How do I determine the order in which rooms in my apartment are displayed in the video?



Are my videos on YouTube public?

Can I integrate the video on my website?

What are the optimal settings to watch my videos?

My video is not running smoothly, what can I do about it?

Can I watch the video in VR?



Can I still change elements in my floor plan after a successful configuration?

Which elements can I configure?