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Can digitization help to structure data in the field of asset management?

The buzzword digitization is on everyone's lips, especially when it comes to optimizing and increasing the efficiency of processes in the real estate industry. While digitization remains difficult to grasp for many key players in the sector due to its complexity, it can make a significant contribution to the extraction, structuring, and use of existing data. Administrative tasks in real estate management continue to become more and more complex. To structure and aggregate the data of different property managers, but also of other service providers is a considerable effort.

Die Themen im Überblick:​

  • Time-savings, convenience and efficiency

  • Convaron: A digital data management platform

  • Conclusion - digitization helps propel the asset management field

It is already considered as progress if the documents are scanned and available digitally and only on rare occasions, the data is handed over in a structured and organized way.

Time-savings, convenience and efficiency


Digital data management can unlock enormous potential for asset managers and real estate companies by avoiding format and interface problems. However, format discontinuities and manual maintenance are time-consuming, costly and error-prone.

This is where digitization intervenes. But what exactly does that mean? Digitization describes the conversion of analog processes into digital form. Ultimately, making these analog processes more efficient and resource-saving. One example: Just a few years ago, people went to travel agencies to book their next holiday. Today, with internet and different online portals, we are only a few clicks away from our dream destination and can directly compare offers. This is where digitization comes into play, with the key words: saving time, convenience and efficiency.

Convaron: A digital data management platform


Convaron enables real estate owners and service providers to take advantage of these benefits through a digital data asset management platform. From scanning, extracting and structuring to comprehensive data analysis – Convaron offers comprehensive services for all aspects of asset management in the real estate sector.

Using image recognition algorithms, Convaron's software automatically recognizes architectural information from the floor plans. Extracted elements are the dimensions, position and size of the usable areas as well as the individual building elements. With this data, Convaron provides various analyses of the existing building, including detailed mass surveys and structural analyses of the property.

The collected data is clearly presented in the Convaron Asset Management Portal and serves as a basis for decisions on acquisition, project development, property and facility management as well as valuation. Furthermore, an API enables data to be transferred to ERP systems such as Aareon or SAP.

The data can be used along the entire property life cycle

Tim Meger-Guingamp, CEO of Convaron

Conclusion - die Digitalisierung hilft also die Daten im Asset Management zu strukturieren


In service management, the scanning and structuring of the floor plans, the automated creation of plans in CAD formats and better predictability of costs through an effective surface area determination save considerable time. In addition to that, up to 13 percent of the planned costs can be retained for modernization processes through the automated creation of DXF files and surface measurements. By downloading the plans and data in PNG, PDF, and other common formats, it is possible to create uniform exposés for rental and sales.

So, if you embark on the digitization journey, nothing stands in your way to achieve greater transparency, efficiency and potential savings.