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Digitalization, "digitization" and digital transformation

These terms are currently on everyone's lips. But what do they mean and where exactly is the difference?

Die Themen im Überblick:​


Transitioning from analog to digital


This term is the process of making analog information (for example any information on paper such as a floor plan) available and accessible in a digital format (for example a PDF scan of this floor plan).


Making digitized information work for you


Once analog data has been digitized, there is enormous potential for applications that facilitate standard work practices. For example, data about customers including contact information can help companies stay informed about their customers’ previous issues. Another example: Data about a floorplan such as the number of rooms, windows or doors can simplify e.g. the planning of renovations or cost calculations for new buildings.

Digital transformation

Taking advantage of digitalization to create completely new business concepts


With the digitization and digitalization, the data is now easily accessible for use across various platforms, devices, interfaces.

Digital transformation is the process of devising new business applications that integrate all this digitized data and digitalized applications. Consider the example of Netflix and Blockbuster. Once films were digitized, the path was paved for a completely new business model: movie streaming.

VRnow for example is part of digital transformation as it creates 3D virtualizations for better planning and more transparency on the basis of the data obtained through the digitalization of floor plans. Also all the information about the floor plans are integrated in our cloud-system, which can easily be used by our clients.