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Why did VRnow change its name to Convaron?

On the 7th of May the startup VRnow, founded in 2015, changed its name to Convaron

  • Why did we decide to change our name from VRnow to Convaron?


The renaming of the company is intended to better reflect our current products. Our company has long ceased to focus only on virtual reality (VR) and visualizations. The « VR » part in VRnow was confusing for a lot of people and to better represent our services, we chose a corporate design that could convey our actual focus on artificial intelligence and data analysis.

  • Why the name Convaron?


Convaron is a word-creation and is based on the word and technology ‚convolutional neural network’, an important part of AI, the technology our algorithm is based on.

  • What do the new logo and colors represent?


Our logo is a mixture of geometrical and abstract elements, which symbolize a network. The soft flowing forms and the colors give our visual brand a modern, dynamic and professional image.

We also wanted a logo that on one hand gives the impression of fluidity to represent growth and the idea of a never-ending movement, and on the other hand, a visual that looks easy for the eye in order to take out some of the complexity that many people associate with AI technology.

  • What do these changes mean for us?


The name Convaron was created during a complex branding workshop, in which a group of VRnow employees from all departments exchanged ideas for our new brand. At the end of the brainstorming process, we ended up with ten to fifteen names. We created a survey where everybody in the company voted anonymously for their favorite based on different criteria’s. The important part of our rebranding process was to involve everybody and to see the different associations and perspectives.

  • What do these changes mean for us?


Convaron will initially be a brand of the VRnow GmbH. Apart from the rebrand (name, colors and logo), nothing else changes, our products and location stay the same.

  • What does it mean for our clients?


Unser Kundenportal und unsere Dienstleistungen werden weiterhin jederzeit und von überall (mit Internetanschluss) zugänglich sein. Unsere Kunden erreichen das Portal nun unter der URL https://portal.convaron.com. Die alte URL (https://portal.vr-now.org/) wird bis zum Ende des Jahres auf unsere neue Seite weiterleiten.

  • Can I still use the VRnow logo and colors?


No, please do not use the old logo and name. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if ou need our logo: marketing@convaron.com

  • Are there any changes to our product?


All our products (ReproScan, Analysis and Visualization) stay the same, only now they are under the name Convaron and no longer VRnow.

  • When can we start using the new logo?


The relaunch of our brand will be on the 7th of May.

  • Is there email-forwarding process?


With the renaming of the company our email addresses will change accordingly. An email-forwarding process has been activated. For example, if you send an email at info@vr-now.org, it will directly be forwarded to info@convaron.com.

  • Are the social media channels going to change?


Our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube und LinkedIn) are all staying the same, only the names will change.

  • What's next for Convaron?


In the near future, we'll be launching our new website and customer portal. By the end of the year we will also launch new products. So stay tuned.

If you have comments, questions, criticism or need some information about the brand or our products - feel free to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you.